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23 septembre 2010 4 23 /09 /septembre /2010 20:14


Welcome ! Here it is : The Official Homepage of the Facebook Cause : Against Right Extremism !

Welcome ! Here it is : The Official Homepage of the Facebook Cause : Against Right Extremism ! 

Where can you join the cause ?

Click here
to join us fighting against this kind of politic ! 

What is "against-right-extremism.skyrock.com" ?

This Homepage is a multiple language Blog, which uses English ( to be so international as possible ) and French as principal Languages. You'll find articles related to the cause, which are, of course, about Right Extremism, and also about some other politic or stuff. 

A Small description of the Facebook Cause : 

There are always more people who are walking the wrong way. Everyone has the right to have his own opinion... but Right Extremism is going to far. Are you going to accept this radical changes ? I can't accept it and I don't understand HOW people can be right extremists after all the things history taught us ! History is there so that we can learn and go forward, trying to do our best and without redoing the same mistakes ! It's clear that some mistakes are always and always coming back, but we can make it better !

Goals of the Facebook Cause : 

1. Fight Against Right Extremism
2. Find 100 Members ! ( To start ! )

Who is the creator of the cause & the Homepage against-right-extremism ?

I'm the creator of the cause & Homage. My Name is Sara Montebrusco and I'm 17 Years old. I'm going to the European School of Luxembourg. I was born in Luxembourg, but I've Italian origins ( roots ? ). 
I speak French, German, Italian, English and Luxembourgish ( Yes it's a language !). 
I decided to create this cause ( and Homepage ) because I'm really upset about the evolution of politics a bit everywhere in Europe.

Thanks for You Attention. I hope you'll join us very soon ! 

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