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11 mars 2010 4 11 /03 /mars /2010 21:08
There are several companies out there who believe that testing their cosmetics, beauty products, and everyday household items, is the right thing to do.

But there are SO many other alternatives to animal testing than that. They can clone human skin, there are human VOLUNTEERS, there are computer programs that simulate human reactions, but why do companies still insist on testing on animals?

Because it's CHEAP.

Testing cosmetics and beauty products on an animal is WRONG. 

They think that it's worth the suffering of living beings, just so they can save money.

There are tons of other brands that don't test on animals, that are just as good, or even better than brands that do test on animals.

Animal's don't even have the same reactions as humans do. So why do they insist on it?

There are plenty of cruelty free brands that people use everyday. Here's the official list of brands that do, and don't test on animals.


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Published by Igor-le-Chat - dans Causes
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