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16 mai 2010 7 16 /05 /mai /2010 18:15




your place for re-use ideas and exchange

Have you ever wanted to get rid of something but didn't want to throw it away. . and yet not known what to do with it?  Come visit ReUseConnection and see what people around the world do with everything from old shoes to chemicals to anything you can imagine.

Take Beth, who doesn't want her old CDs to go into the landfill. She posts "CDs" on RC, and global users tell her that theyReUse "CDs" as compact mirrors in their purses, as scarecrow substitutes in their gardens, or as paper weights after they glue them together.  

Take Maher, whose new garment company doesn't want to throw away excess Tyvex from their ski parkas.  Not only can he post "Tyvex" on Rand have Fatou tell him that her father's company uses Tyvex scraps to make railroad brake pads, but Maher might also connect with Erica whose company wants to buy those very Tyvex scraps!!!

We expect our global platform for reuse ideas and exchange to be available in mid-2010.  For more information, visit ReUseConnection's page on Facebook and/or become a fan.

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